Basic Corporate Tax Returns

Trillium Bookkeeping and Accounting is now providing a range of Corporate Tax Services, including basic corporate tax returns! We are a local corporate tax office for the small businesses that make up the community, providing the right services for companies across London and the surrounding area. 

Now, when tax time comes, you can put our expertise and affordable services to work for your small business!

Corporate Tax Preparation Services

All corporations - including non-profit and tax-exempt organizations - must file a tax return every year. Are you a business owner who hates the headaches of filing a corporate tax return? To make this easier for businesses in London and the surrounding area, Trillium now offers a wide range of business tax services, from bookkeeping to preparation to the final filing, all of which ensure that every client's needs are met and exceeded. 

At our business tax office, the Trillium team of expert professionals handle the details so that companies can avoid penalties and late fees, take on the lowest tax burden possible, and make the most out of claims to receive the highest refund available. We'll do everything to make tax time a simple process while protecting your business and maximizing your profitability!

Partnering With The Best Business Tax Programs In The Industry

The Trillium team is partnered with the top tax technology companies to provide corporate tax services that are both seamless and focused on the client's needs. Our technology partnerships give clients a wide range of options, including Plooto, Intuit Quickbooks, Dext, Wagepoint, Hubdoc, Method: CRM, TSheets, and Telpay. Clients can come to us with their files, and we can set up accounts on the software that works best for them. 

For us, tax season doesn't stop in April! Once we can have a flow of information in place, the bookkeeping and corporate tax filings become much easier for clients. They can access all their documents and update files with a simple click of a button!

Our team is up to date on all the latest tax laws and regulations so we can deliver solutions tailored to your business goals. From self-employed income tax returns and corporate taxes to handling GST filings and expenses, Trillium is up to the task.

Never Miss A Deadline With Trillium's Corporate Tax Services

Your T2 corporate tax return is due within six months of the end of your business's fiscal year. The deadline isn't the same for every company, as not every business follows the calendar year. Are you prepared to file when you have to? Rushing can mean unforced errors that cost you money, miss eligible credits, and even incur fines.

Trillium Bookkeeping and Accounting can provide cost-effective tax solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Our team is always available to tend the books and take care of the intricate tax details, giving owners and managers more time to focus on the health and expansion of their businesses. 

We take pride in delivering excellent service to all our valued clients. Join the many companies in London who have made Trillium Bookkeeping and Accounting their corporate tax office of choice!

+ Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by corporate tax?

Corporate tax rates vary widely by region, with some nations, due to their low rates, considered to be tax havens. Various exemptions, government incentives, and loop holes will lower corporate taxes. A corporate tax is a tax on a corporation's income. The duties are applied on the net income of a corporation, which is income minus the cost of products sold (COGS), expenditures of general and administrations, sales and marketing, research and development, depreciation, and other operating costs.

What is difference between income tax and corporate tax?

Corporate tax is a cost to a corporation or cash outflow imposed by a government that represents the primary source of revenue of a country, while income tax is a form of tax, such as wages and salaries, governmentally imposed on the income of individuals.

What is the purpose of corporate tax?

To the degree that the corporate tax rate is lower than the personal tax rate, taxes favor corporate operation and favor earnings retention rather than earnings transfers to workers and stakeholders.

Does a business have to pay income tax?

In general, all federal and Ontario businesses are liable to pay corporate tax if they are carrying on business through a legal entity in Ontario. For taxable income assigned to Ontario, the current tax rates apply.


There are so many factors that determine how much tax you have to pay - or how much you get back. Contact the Trillium team and we’ll make sure you get the most out of your returns!

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