5 Advantages To Switching To Dext For Receipt Paperwork Management


Dext is a program that lets small business owners electronically store their receipts and invoices. They can capture them in real-time, eliminating the risk of missing paperwork. Why should you make the switch to this software for your bookkeeping? Here are five advantages to choosing Dext for your paperwork management!

Dext Simplifies Tracking Your Financial Information


receiptDext is accounting software designed to provide you and your bookkeeper all the tools you would need to capture, upload, and track your finances. With these features at your disposal, you’ll be ready to handle all your requisite paperwork with nothing more than the click of a button. You may find that, with an office clear of paper, your mind will be clear, too!


Dext Lets You Go Paperless


More and more companies are making a point of cutting down on the amount of paper they circulate. With Dext, you won’t have to rely on that unorganized shoebox or desk file! The software lets you go almost completely paper-free – simply upload your invoices and receipts using the app or on your computer. You can even forward emails containing attachments to an inbox within Dext. 


Dext Helps You Streamline All Your Processes


Dext features integration with accounting software and bank accounts. All this automation and integration not only makes filing and organizing paperwork easier but also reduces the possibility of human error. Connecting your Dext software to your bank accounts and other software is easy, and the Trillium team can guide you through it! 


You Can Capture Receipts & Important Data In Real-Time


receiptDext is a cloud-based software. You can use it as a mobile app, helping you capture the receipts as soon as you get them. All you need is to take a picture of the paperwork – it’ll be waiting for you and your bookkeeper to review it almost instantly. You even have the option to upload multiple receipts at once, combined as one transaction or as separate receipts. All these features let your bookkeeper manage your books, wherever they may be!


Dext Saves You Time


Switching to Dext means there’s no more searching through boxes, bags, filing cabinets, bank statements – heck, maybe even your car! (No judgments – we all have our own ways to organize) Once you tackle your invoices and receipts in one app, you’ll find that you have much more time to focus on your business. 

Dext lets your bookkeeper set up automation so that recurring invoices are automatically recognized. They can see your data as you upload it, helping them stay on top of your transactions to ensure your bookkeeping is accurate and organized.

In our professional opinion, Dext is one of the best software choices to use alongside cloud accounting. It helps us support our clients, offering them a complete accounting system to grow their business. Talk to the Trillium team today to learn more about how Dext can help you!

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