When Should I Consider Outsourcing The Bookkeeping For My Small Business?

Whether to outsource bookkeeping to an outside firm or not is an important decision for any small business. There are good reasons to have professional eyes look over your books regardless of the size of your organization – for one thing, filing a tax return with incorrect financial statements can result in penalties from the …

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Meals and Entertainment

“Can I write off that golf game?” “I want to take a client out for drinks after work – is that against the rules?” “I’m buying staff pizza today, can I write that off?” “My wife and I run the family business and discuss it often on date night. Is that a business expense?” Meals …

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Important Notes on Bill 148

Bill 148 has made some sweeping changes to labour legislation in Ontario.  Here is a brief synopsis of the areas that all our small business clients need to be aware of.   Minimum Wage (Effective January 1, 2018) General:   $14.00 per hour Liquor Servers:    $12.20 per hour Students (Under 18)   $13.15 per hour …

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Ontario Minimum Wage Increase

ONTARIO MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE On October 1st, 2016, the Ontario minimum wage is increasing as per the following graphic. General minimum wage will be increasing by 15 cents. Minimum wage is the lowest wage that an employer can pay an employee. Ontario announces wage increases every April, and these increases are implemented in October. General …

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