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Job Search Tips and Pointers

Are you looking for a job? Here are some hints that might help you out:
a) Proof Read your Resume. I’ve filed at least 20 in the garbage can this week because they can’t format a resume or spell correctly. This is very important in an office job!
b) Follow up. It doesn’t hurt to message the Facebook page of the business you are applying to, or to phone and make sure your resume was received and express your interest in the job, or to call or email after the interview with follow up questions. I couldn’t make a decision between two candidates once and I literally decided to hire the first one who followed to up thank me for the interview.
c) Make a cover letter and tell the employer about yourself. Are there gaps in your resume? Explain them. Were you off for 8 years raising your family? Explain that. Are you new to the country but have excellent English language skills? Tell the employer. We read so many resumes and it’s challenging deciding who gets the interview. Make yourself stand out from the crowd!
d) When you get the interview, TALK to the interviewer. Don’t just give one word answers to the questions being posed. Let them get to know your personality. Ask questions. You’re interviewing them too and as an interviewer I want to see that you are genuinely interested in THIS job, not just any old job that comes around.
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