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Preparing To Outsource Human Resources: Four Tips To Ease The Transition

One way small businesses can save money is by outsourcing their human resources services. Companies can bring in an outside company to make their HR function rather than hiring an internal employee or team to do it. 


A good HR company can make sure that your business is compliant with rules and regulations, figure out payroll, onboard new employees and foster a healthy workplace culture. Here’s how you can prepare your company and make the transition easy!


Know When To Outsource


A small business’s hiring priorities should focus on adding employees that improve the company and make it more profitable. Every company needs to fill the roles that grow the business, and eventually, this will require an HR person. But as to when that company should hire an HR service, there’s no uniform timeline that every business should follow. 


Eventually, the small business owner will have to decide when the business is large enough to need someone that can handle the back-office operations. These jobs include coordinating interviews and sending offer letters to prospective employees, managing benefits, and other responsibilities that can distract from your business goals.


Know What Tasks To Outsource


If you’ve decided it’s time, measure your current in-house capabilities and research what parts of HR you might want to outsource. Important tasks and services are likely taking up a lot of unnecessary time from leading your business. You can identify which of these to hand over to an external company – administration, payroll, worker compensation, etc. – or outsource them all!


Have serious discussions with the employees who have been handling your tax, finance, and legal functions thus far. Ask them for their thoughts on how your company’s HR currently functions, and how outsourcing can free up time for other duties.


Talk With Your Employees


When you’ve decided to outsource your HR services, the next step is to notify and discuss the decision with your entire team. They’re going to have questions about what this change means for them, and they’ll need to know where they can direct their questions. Depending on your business needs, your employees might have to turn to the outside HR company for everything from paychecks to medical coverage.


While it can seem intimidating, outsourcing will let your company offer wider benefits and let you focus on your workplace culture. This will help existing employees feel more at home with your company while attracting new hires more readily!


Prepare To Onboard The HR Company


“Onboarding” is the part where you transition your HR needs to the outside company so that it can be an important part of your team. The company has to understand your work culture and personnel needs to successfully do their job. They will ask for details about your business’s process, organization and systems, so have the information prepared to make the onboarding process a lot easier.


When you bring on Trillium for human resources, you get a team that spends the time getting to know your company. We make it easier for your company to add professional, comprehensive, and affordable HR services. No matter what your business’s size, we pay attention to the details of your account!


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