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Quickbooks 2016 Password Feature


As a Quickbooks ProAdvisor, I feel I need to let all my clients know about a big change in the latest release.  Once you install the newest update (Release R7P) you will be prompted to add a complex password.  This password is mandatory and needs to be changed every 90 days.

The rationale behind this is that our QuickBooks files contain sensitive data such as SIN numbers, Credit Card numbers, etc.  Unfortunately, QuickBooks has no solution for clients who want to over-ride this feature, but they assure me they are working on a solution.  Click the Help / Feedback link in your program to let them know if you want the feature changed.

In the meantime, the main concern of my clients is “How am I going to remember this password” when it needs to be changed regularly.  One solution is to use two unique passwords and alternate between them.  For example, you could use Password1 and Password2 (not literally because those are terrible passwords…!) and then at least you know you will be able to get in.

Please contact me if you have any issues with your product.  If you happen to lock yourself out, no worries, your Trillium Bookkeeping representative can help you get back in!

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