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What Are Important Soft Skills for CPAs?

Soft skills are non-technical abilities that relate to professional work. They help you interact with clients and colleagues, solve work-related problems, and manage your time. Having these kinds of skills makes all work, including accounting, much easier.  Several soft skills are important for helping CPAs: planning and organization, business sense, communication skills, proficiency with technology, …

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cpa blog

How Does Remote Work Impact Your Tax Filing Next Year?

COVID-19 has forced a growing number of Londoners to transition into remote work, raising questions about how this will affect tax time. It’s a confusing time, especially when not all the definitions have been fully explained. Here’s how remote work could impact your tax filings for 2020, a truly unprecedented year!  

cpa blog

All About Deducting Motor Vehicle Expenses

Deducting motor vehicle expenses on your taxes is a good way to reduce the amount of taxable business income you earned. If you earn self-employed income and use your motor vehicle for this purpose, you can claim the vehicle-related expenses as related business expenses on your income tax return. 


What Are The Different Types Of Accountants?

In Canada, there are three types of legacy accountants: certified management accountants, chartered accountants, and certified general accountants. Accountants would earn these credentials based on the direction and extent of one’s studies.  While now we refer to them as Chartered Professional Accountants (more on that below), there are still distinctions and educational requirements that make …

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What’s The Deal With Partial Unemployment Benefits?

With the economy still in flux, a lot of people want to know how to protect themselves if they lose hours or their whole job. Workers should know that they can still pull some of their unemployment benefits while working reduced hours. In Canada, these are colloquially referred to as “partial unemployment benefits.” 

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