Quickbooks Error 15271

Question:   When trying to update Quickbooks, I get an error message that says Error 15271 – a file cannot be validated. This is an error that has plagued many of my clients. The answer on the Quickbooks site is to reset the updates and, failing that, to reinstall the program. This takes a lot of …

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The Paperwork Avalanche

Working with small businesses, the one refrain I hear over and over from my clients is “How do I stay organized? I have paperwork everywhere!” This is a challenge for all of us. As your business grows, there are more demands placed on your time, and without a solid system for staying organized it’s easy …

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Minimum Wage Increase in Ontario

On June 1, 2014 the minimum wage in Ontario will increase to $11.00 per hour for most employees.   This change is going to have an impact on both Ontario businesses and wage earners. If you are a small business owner make sure you have all the facts ahead of time.   DEFINITIONS General …

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Time Management: Quality Vs. Quantity

We’ve all been asked this job interview question:  “What’s more important, Quality or Quantity? quality or quantity?”  It seems like a no brainer, quality is definitely more important, right? In reality, doing everything perfectly while taking twice as long as everyone else is a guaranteed, one-way ticket to unemployment.  Quality is number one, but efficiency …

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