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Trillium HR Support: What To Expect From Your Consultation

The basic role of a human resources department is to help with duties like recruiting, orienting, training and (when necessary) dismissing employees. But many small businesses are handing over these tasks to employees with little or no HR experience! 

Hiring an external provider for your HR services can be the best choice for your growing business. The process is simple, too, and it starts with a consultation. Here’s what you can expect from the Trillium team during your initial consultation.

Analyzing Your Current HR Situation

In a consultation, the Trillium team must look at how your company currently delivers HR services. This way, we can identify the gaps that could exist between your HR needs and how the services actually function. We’ll sit down with you and the person running your current human resources programs to see how they’ve been doing things and what they can hand off to us.

We can come up with a map that shows how workforce planning activities align with your business’s bigger picture, like its organizational strategy. This will involve examining the strength of your business’s HR, taking in factors like the number of employees, their skills, qualifications, and experience, current contracts and compensations, etc.

hr blogWhat Are Your Human Resource Needs?

The consultation phase should result in both our team and yours having a full understanding of the services we can provide. HR departments of smaller companies work closely with the business owner to learn the employee skills for which they’re looking in a new hire. Everyone needs to be on the same page regarding the human resources services you need; you may need the full range of services or just a few.

By assessing your current HR capacity, we can identify any gaps that exist in your process. Our team can also help you identify goals for the future; for example, do you know if you’re using your current employees in the right areas, or would their skills be better suited to different roles? Have you thought about developing employees for larger roles and what that would entail? Where does recruiting qualified employees rank in your business plan?

Showing You How Trillium Works

It’s important to us that Trillium clients understand the processes and programs our HR team uses to enhance our services. As part of the consultation process, we’ll show you the digital HR programs and services that can make your work life a lot easier. We may have technologies new to you that could automate certain processes to which you’ve grown accustomed!

In the consultation process, you’ll get to know how Trillium’s human resources services can help your small business grow! Your HR department is there to help you adapt to the latest technologies and workforce advancements, give you more time to focus on your products or services and improve how you adjust your team’s critical skills as your business grows.

To get started, call us or fill out our form for a quote!

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